Interesting Tornado Facts

Here is some interesting facts about tornado:
Mobile home residents make up 50% of the fatalities due to tornadoes.
The United States has the most reported tornadoes of any country. 600-700 tornadoes are reported every year.
The worst tornado event in history was on March 18, 1925. The Tri State tornado as it was called Started in Missouri and cut through Illinois and Indiana, killing 689 people and caused 17 million dollars in damage.
The strongest winds recorded in a tornado were 287 mph, however meteorologists believe that they can reach up to 300 mph.
Wind Comparison Tropical storms: Strongest winds about 72 mph Hurricanes: Strongest winds about 150 mph Tornadoes: Strongest winds about 300 mph
The shortest known tornado path is 7 feet. The average distance a tornado stays on the ground is less than 5 miles. The average width is around 150 yards.
The state with the most tornadoes from 1950-1996 is Texas with 5,860. Next in line is Oklahoma with less than 1/2 as many 2,428.
The most costly tornado disaster in history was the 1975 tornado that hit Omaha, Nebraska. Only 3 people died in the storm. The tornado destroyed 287 homes and damaged many more. It was an F4 on the Fujita scale.