Road accident. 38 cars got wrecked at once.

One of the most large scaled car accident in the history of Russia at the federal highway "Volga". More then 30 cars got wrecked in the thick fog. Two men died and 13 got injured.

Also you can watch an original video of the NTV-channel:

According to the information from the official site of the NTV-channel
Interesting inf from Wikipedia:
A Swedish study found that pink cars are indeed safer, with black cars being most likely to be involved in crashes. This test also showed Saab to be the "safest car in Sweden [In terms of passive safety]" (Land transport NZ 2005).
In Auckland New Zealand, a study found that there was a significantly lower risk of serious injury in silver cars; with higher risks in brown, black, and green cars. (Furness et al, 2003)